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The Power in New Year Intentions

I am a big fan of reflecting on the past year around the winter solstice and then creating a new intention for the new year in January. There is a bunch of research, wellness and fitness studies to back up the benefits of this practice.

I'm not talking about weight loss goals, or other fitness related goals like running a 5K this year. Albeit worthy goals, I'm talking about creating an intention or focus for the upcoming year that you can integrate into your life. Intentions and visions for your life to create a rich, happy and healthy life.

I personally love to start my year with a theme for the year. Something I want to spend more time cultivating in my life to take with me for the years to come. 2023 was more fitness vibes (a break away from my desire to tend to slower more rehabilitative movements) and be in nature more. In 2024, these two 2023 things aren't going away, they will be built upon or returned too. In 2024, I want to cultivate this vibe of more fitness in my life as I get stronger, more energetic, and I do have some weight loss goals. And, I want to dance more! My daughters are such adorable dancers and I desire more silliness and fun with them. I'm too often the serious mama. There's also this book I bumped into at the library called, "Little Book of Joy" and each day of the year it has something cute, like play hopscotch, or go to the library, or get cozy. I'm going to try to do as many days like that to find more fun! I've distilled all of this in one for myself: Shimmer.

The Mind is a Powerful Thing

Part law of attraction, part goal orientated, part positive psychology, I suppose, equals my love for new year resolutions. If you dream it up, it will happen. So, if you picture and believe a more happy and healthy life in small ways, over the years these small ways will add up to a full, happy, healthy life.

My Suggestions

  1. Create a theme/intention/goal/resolution for yourself that aligns with what season in life you are in and what aligns with the vision of life you want for yourself.

  2. Tell someone. Enlist someone who will support you, or remind you.

  3. Write it down somewhere. Yeah, you may forget. I place mine on the front cover of my old fashioned paper calendar. Come June, relook them over. Did they subconsciously work themselves in daily life? Do you need to return to them? Were they practical? Come holiday season, relook them over again. Great time to reflect moving into winter and having a fresh start in January again.

  4. Make it a ritual. Rituals are good for the soul.

Some Ideas

Spending more time in nature

Finding ways to connect with seasons

Taking more time for self care

Professional goals


Finding something that makes your soul happy

Dance more

Breath more, practice pranayama

Practice more meditation

Organize a birthday calendar and send friends cards or texts

Create more memories

Buy less stuff

Set a reading goal or just keep track

Learn to Garden

Try something new


Practice gratitude daily

Try to make a new dish once week or month

Go on date nights with partner

Find more fun


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