My Yoga and Pilates Story

A decade ago I fell in love with yoga during a chaotic time in my life that made me realize I needed to make some big changes. So, I left my corporate career path, went through heart break, and began my dedication to the healing practices of yoga and Pilates. I've been teaching yoga since 2012. I am 200RYT with Yoga Alliance, and as of Sept 2019 I am 500RYT (including their pre/postnatal yoga training), with 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle, WA. I am a certified Pilates Instructor (2014) through WundaBar Pilates, a contemporary Pilates studio in Los Angeles, CA who had the intuitive brilliance of Marie Jose Blom teaching us the fundamentals back then. Currently I'm enrolled in Balanced Body's Comprehensive Pilates training to bridge the gap between my LA training to the PMA certification.  In 2017, I became certified to teach the Essential Low Back Program yoga workshops to show folks how to use clinically proven protocols to ease pain in the low back. As of 2020, I have incorporated The SmartSpine Wellness System in my Pilates and yoga private sessions. 

Today, it's a total different season of life than when I began teaching yoga and Pilates. I'm happily married and received a great blessing in the form of my daughter. The birth of my bundle of joy truly inspired my obsession and passion related to postpartum wellness. It was a time that was intersected with social justice, meets underserved community, meets spiritual awakening, meets stress - I could go on. So many elements of my own interest merged together. I noticed from the range of misinformation and lack of information on topics such as Diastatsis Recti, pelvic floor disfunction, mood disorders and many other topics that mark the path to motherhood. I am dedicated to support women feel their inner strength and courage. I feel so grateful for practices like Pilates to prepare me for the physical delivery of my baby, and yoga's healing, reflective, calming tools for everyday life. 

Group classes and privates are fused with a blend of influences from biomechanics, Fascia research, Ayurveda and yoga therapy.  

I am dedicated to the ongoing social justice causes I've supported proudly: Yoga Behind Bars, Percussion Farms and Escape to Peace



Seattle Yoga News

I had the honor of being a featured yoga teacher with Seattle Yoga News this year (2020). It's a great privilege to be among gems in our Greater Seattle area yoga teachers.

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