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From the moment I met Emily I quickly realized that at her core, she is a woman supporting other women. Emily strive to help women and moms everywhere feel empowered from within. I had the pleasure of taking Emily’s Pilates classes, prenatal yoga classes, and was part of her labor prep course. After having my son I was diagnosed with diastasis recti and was very concerned about what my next steps would be with safe exercise. Emily was the first person to come to mind to gain knowledge and insight from. Not only was Emily able to coach me through safe exercises, she was another mama to lean on for support. Emily has light shining from within her that people around her can’t help but notice. What an amazing woman who wants everyone around her to feel loved, valued, heard, and empowered!

Whitney N.

After suffering for many months with hip and foot pain I was introduced to Emily. After a short time of working with her, my pain started resolving! Instead of a more intense workout at the gym which kept setting me back, she focused on the basics and strengthened the muscles surrounding the area. Her calm and encouraging nature has helped me heal and begin to live without daily pain. I am thankful for her expertise and focused attention to slow me down and resolve what MY Body needs. So far our focus has been Yoga, but I am looking forward to working in studio on Pilates.

Anna S.

I started my healthy journey about a year ago and when my partner and I were trying to conceive. A new pilates studio opened and I tried out their free 30 min class. This free class was where I met Emily. Emily was awesome at making you feel comfortable and explaining movements that made me feel confident. 
From that first 30 min class I was hooked. I took her classes twice a week for about a month before finding out I was pregnant. I was nervous and scared to work out while pregnant, however Emily was my beacon of light. She helped modify my moves, and coached me on how to move my body while pregnant. From her weekly classes I transitioned into private classes were my breathing and technique improved rapidly. If it wasn’t for those private classes I would not have been so prepared for labor. The breath techniques while moving my body helped me so much I don’t know what I have did with out it. Emily’s energy and passion for Pilaties and people shows in her classes. She helped me so much feel confident in my body.

Amanda M.

“After 9 years of lower back pain, countless doctors and specialists I found some hope and pain free nights with Emily’s attention and care. We started with gentle Pilates when I was referred to the studio but, after she took a low back training with a yoga therapy program she suggested we try this clinically proven set of protocols to alleviate or reduce low back pain. I’m not sure if it was the strengthening of the Pilates, or the protocols itself but, something is finally working! I’m up to 2 sessions a week now, and have some relief I haven’t had before. It’s a slow process but, I look forward to our sessions and continue to be hopeful my chronic low back pain will continue to improve.”

E. Kohen

 “Emily creates a fun, challenging, workout that I know I’ll be feeling the next day! And, for those days I need to work on specific aches she’s able to adapt to a more rehabilitative approach. She is very aware of my body and what she can ask of me in a session. Sometimes I am even surprised at just what I can do and how far I have come since starting my journey. I look forward to my weekly sessions with her!” 

Kelley M.

You will be happy to know I did jumping jacks for the first time without peeing in my pants for the first time in 5 years this morning thx to your expertise and mat work for 3 weeks!

Meredith O.

While taking Emily's pre and postnatal classes, I benefited from Emily's knowledge and support. By teaching me how to modify postures to accommodate my changing body, Emily empowered me to safely continue my yoga practice through out my pregnancy and after my baby was born. I highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a caring and experienced yoga instructor, especially pre or postnatal.

And, Emily is an amazing and badass woman and yoga instructor. She makes your body feel gooooooood!! 

Laura M.

I’ve seen Emily as both as a private yoga teacher and Pilates instructor! In both settings I feel like my needs are listened to, she is very intuitive to know exactly what my body and mind needs in any given session.  She starts each session by asking me what I need that day (even though she often already knows) and flexes to meet those needs whether it be a relaxing/restorative session or an energetic/kick my booty workout.  Each time I finish a session, I have less anxiety, I’m more cheerful, and full of energy (something that I often lack due to a chronic illness).  In fact, at first I was worried I wouldn’t have enough energy/strength to do Pilates but it turns out it helped to strengthen my muscles, stamina & immune system so much more than anything else I had tried and really improved my health.  Since starting Pilates, I feel stronger, healthier, happier, more energetic, flexible & even taller/leaner. I’m totally hooked and I LOVE it!

Corrie K.

I started seeing Emily after I had my first baby. She has been so supportive and helpful in countless ways. She has given me advice, empowerment, and mental and physical exercises. I am lucky to take Emily’s postnatal Pilates/Yoga class as well as her private sessions. She has provided safe exercises for me as well as the mental support from another mama that I needed. Emily is flexible and so understanding about working around a newborns schedule. Emily is calm, knowledgeable, supportive, caring, understanding, non-judgemental, and a loving coach. I feel so fortunate to have met and learned from Emily!

Kate L.

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