I’ve seen Emily as both as a private yoga teacher and Pilates instructor! In both settings I feel like my needs are listened to, she is very intuitive to know exactly what my body and mind needs in any given session.  She starts each session by asking me what I need that day (even though she often already knows) and flexes to meet those needs whether it be a relaxing/restorative session or an energetic/kick my booty workout.  Each time I finish a session, I have less anxiety, I’m more cheerful, and full of energy (something that I often lack due to a chronic illness).  In fact, at first I was worried I wouldn’t have enough energy/strength to do Pilates but it turns out it helped to strengthen my muscles, stamina & immune system so much more than anything else I had tried and really improved my health.  Since starting Pilates, I feel stronger, healthier, happier, more energetic, flexible & even taller/leaner (which is significant for this little 5’3 lady).  Emily always told me she thought I was a “Pilates” girl and she was SO right – I’m totally hooked and I LOVE it!

Corrie K

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