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Outdoor Yoga Meditation


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Spend the day with multiple Yoga and Pilates movement practices, good food, and time with Nature and likeminded folks to reset, refresh and recharge.

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$90 for your own private session with us via Online

Prepare for the big moment with yoga! Explore and learn how yoga offers ways to support labor and childbirth. We will dive into some accessible movements to do with one another, talk over what you are excited and nervous about as the big day arrives with your partner. Emily brings her knowledge of yoga and teaching to pregnant bodies. Crystal brings her expertise and experience as a doula and childbirth educator! 

This workshop is open to all pregnant people with their support person which may be for example a family member, friend, doula. Generally recommended for 2nd trimester and later but all are welcome. Workshop is geared to be fun, informative, potential for a great "date" night for couples, and a great way to connect with your support person. All levels welcome! New to yoga? Great! A link to a Zoom meeting will be sent to you if you prefer to be in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

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You can watch a replay of this material via Om Mama Co! Click the button below! I've also attached the Home Practice we collaborated together to keep your core healthy and balanced!

Your Inner Core Muscles and Function

This workshop will give you the tools you need to feel better in your daily life and dive deep into your movement practice. Join us on a journey to learn how to connect your breath with your movement and how to tap into your inner core. In this workshop not only will you learn about breath, your pelvic floor and pelvis, but also how to integrate your inner core into everyday life! Anatomy and Physiology presentation by Nicole Bulow, Functional Manual Therapist and movement practices to embody these vital muscles by Emily, senior yoga and Pilates teacher! 

This workshop is geared towards everyone! From new practitioners to instructors! If you breathe and have a pelvis this class if for you!

For more information about Nicole Bulow please visit her website Physical Therapy that emphasizes prevention, performance, and the optimization of human efficiency.


Playback to March 2019 Discussion

Did you miss the panel discussion with professionals specializing in prenatal, birth, and postpartum? Doulas, ND, fertility specialist, massage therapist, Yoga and Pilates professional were ready to answer all your questions related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum back in March!  

You're in luck! We have a copy of our Facebook live video on the studio's Facebook page dedicated to pre/postnatal. Click on the link below to join Longevita's Mama Tribe page. 

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