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In my long standing commitment to Social Justice, please email me to discuss ways to make my offerings more accessible if needed. It's my desire and hope that we as a community can keep each other well and calm. Those of you that can afford access please help me continue to give my gifts, and the gifts of Pilates magic and the healing powers of yoga to others. 


Available for Pilates via Zoom or Home Studio 
Home Studio is equipped with Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer + tower

I instruct from the neutral spine perspective or lens. I was certified by a contemporary Pilates studio in LA, California and continued onward with the folks with Balanced Body for Comprehensive Pilates training. I worked closely with the owner in LA and took continued education from classical teachers when I lived there, and I continue to work closely with Pilates mentors in the Seattle area to learn more rehabilitative techniques as well as the SmartSpine Wellness System of props. I infuse sessions with this curiosity and positive appreciation for the body.


Sundays in December at 8:30am

Learn more about how to breathe in our daily lives, during workouts, and during pranayama. The first 10 minutes will be a little bit of lecture, then 20 minutes of dedicated time to breathe. Accessible for all. Sessions via zoom.

Breathing Series


Available for Zoom or Home Studio Private Sessions

Mommy and baby yoga sessions are geared towards the mommy. Baby will love to watch mommy move, and breathe. I recommend babies that aren't yet quite crawling and that are relatively content on a yoga blanket. Babies past this stage, check in with me, we can get a baby sitter or baby can play with my little. Postpartum up to two years.

When taught in a small, intimate group setting it will be a place to check in, support one another, and find gentle movements for the unique transitions of carrying a baby (inside the body and outside) utilizing asana and breath practices. Enjoy the community after our movement and breath practices to get to know mommies in the area, and have questions and concerns addressed. A little something for mind, body and soul.

Highly recommended props for Zoom sessions: Full length foam roller + 65cm Antiburst Pilates/Yoga/Physio Ball.

*Though, not required. 


Available for Private session via Zoom or Home Studio.

Allow ancient healing asana practice to help ease the stressors of modern times. Enjoy your yoga practice with gentle, restorative movement that emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself as well as to calm the busy mind. 

Recommended props: For Sunday Restorative Yoga- pillow(s) or Bolster, and/or blocks. We sometimes use therapy balls, or tennis balls for myofascial release techniques. A blanket for a yummy, restful, savasana (resting pose at the end of class). 



Be a Rebel and Enjoy Mondays

 It's Monday! Let's start the week on the right foot! Noon holds a lot of energy for us to harvest for our day, and our week. Set intentions, check into how your weekend left impressions on your body, heal and grow. We will focus on functional movement to tone and stretch our bodies. This offering also blends some mindful breath practices, mindful asana and Pilates to leave you energized yet grounded.


"What we think, we become"



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