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Settling in Summer Vibes

Updated: Apr 25

How to create those cool, calm, summer vibes.

Hello summer solstice!

The change into summer brings the longest day of the year and its quiet message to reflect and bask in the seasonal gifts. It may be the season change and it may also be the transitions I’m moving into with my family (I cannot believe kindergarten is happening in the fall), but I am definitely feeling the summer qualities tug at me. I’ve been reflecting on the last six months, and looking ahead to the next six months ahead. I’m grateful to say it’s been a bright year so far and continues to look hopeful and fun ahead, but change is never easy. I aways look to Ayurveda to see in what ways I can better prepare and be present for the new season, and also ways to find balance in myself. I’m finding that old, hard lesson of “letting go” creep up in my mind. I would like to share some tips I find useful and centering as we all embrace these summer months.

  1. Try not to overcommit and schedule - even though there feels like more day light to use, it should be spend slowing down the pace and enjoying the space vs filling it up.

  2. Rest and Active Rest - actively not doing, I dare some of you! ;)

  3. Being in the moment - Cherish the summer months with children; more especially without the bustle going on during the school year.

  4. Hello, self care - Be with me more.

  5. Transitional and transformative season - reflect, journal, meditate, opportunity to let go and create space

  6. Feeling out of balance? - Seek Ayurveda - grabbing my favorite cookbook “Everyday Ayurveda” when I need to use food as medicine

  7. Great season to enjoy nature and water especially for those of you that tend to shy for less than ideal weather. Hello lake life! I hope you find some of these relatable and helpful. Now, go find your favorite lake spot, with some cucumber water, grab a good read, enjoy the slow pace and have some fun!


Summer can also trigger some. A lovely article with sound advise from SELF "What to Do If Summer Makes You Feel Shitty About Your Body"

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