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Step into Spring with Spring in Your Step - Tips to Handle the Season Change

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

During seasonal changes we know there are changes taking place in nature, the buds are creeping up from the soil, the air shifts in both temperature and dampness, and there is more or less daylight. There are also internal shifts in us too!! Utilizing the Ayurvedic lens, we are a reflection of our environment, we are the elements as well. Earth, space, water, fire, and air. If you need to brush up on some Ayurveda 101, I wrote a post about it recently. It's our goal with Ayurveda to be intoned with nature so we can stay in balance with it and ourselves.

There's this beautiful post by Yoga Journal on just this topic! Ayurveda Tips for Enjoying Spring! - "Savor springtime by simplifying your life to include only those things that truly revitalize your body and soul." I love this description by the folks at Banyon Botanicals :

"Spring is a season characterized by warmth (or at least less cold), moisture, and a palpable softness. It is a season revered for its gentle, nurturing presence. Spring embodies the heaviness of increased moisture, and it tends to feel slower than, say, summer or fall.

These are just a few of the characteristics that align spring with kapha. In fact, the Sanskrit word kapha, means ‘that which flourishes in water,’ and what season is more defined by the presence of water than spring? Clearly, the spring season and kapha dosha have a great deal in common."

Spring brings with it, lightness, increase in light (hard to believe when you live in PNW), renewal, transformation, growth, and inspiration to play like spring bunnies!

In our physical movement practices we can look at shapes and movements to help create more space, to attempt to slow down (so we don't get too swept up with the bunnies), breathe (change can overwhelm), and tidy up (there's a reason why spring cleaning is a thing).

I love the the Ayurveda Physician that authored "Mindful Cleanse", Ronly Blau. Check out her videos and resources on her website! I adore her!

Be well out there! I hope this helps in our journey towards wellness.

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