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Feet are the Underdogs of the Body

Updated: Feb 4

Have you ever wondered what's the purpose of those weird toe socks, and running shoes? Is there a function for the form or is it a weird fashion choice? It's actually really helpful for your body! Those weird socks can actually give you a better core workout, improve your posture, tone pelvic floor, reduce pain and inflammation. What, you say? Let me share more tips on these guys and other foot health tips.

Toes are part of your body. Each foot is home to 30,000 nerve endings! Take care of them. I love how yoga incorporates funny at first feet excercices, and then Pilates is a modality often obsessed with the feet and their alignment. It all adds up. Especially when you look at the whole person. If there's something off in the back, you could travel down and check out the alignment of the hips, knees, and feet.

Some of pelvic floor wellness can go back to the feet as well. The toe correctors can be helpful in getting pelvic floor working well again. Or, toe sox. Separating the toes to how they are meant to be, will influence other facial, and neural lines up the body.

When trying the toe correctors, try not to go 0-60 with the toe things (I can't empathize this enough). Even though it seems subtle, a lot is going on. So only wear for short periods and work up to longer periods. Same goes with the shoes.

Wear ToeSox with the individual toes. I promise it will add up to a killer ab workout! Trying jumping with them!

I also recommend minimal shoes like Nike Frees, and being barefoot if you can. When plantar fasciitis is a thing I know that this advise may not be for you. But, if you can keep those feet happy and healthy it will payoff as you age. Even, just paying attention to any gripping in the toes during the day can be sprinkles of mindfulness that will pay off.

Tips to keep the feet happy:

  • Roll them out with a Yoga Tune Up Ball or tennis ball

  • Heel lifts

  • Foot bar work on the Reformer

  • Wear good shoes

  • Go barefoot

  • Keep moving!

  • Check out Balanced Body's website for so many props to hydrate fascia, tendons, ligaments, etc of the feet. I can spend a fortune on all those yummies!!! Pic above is a foot corrector. It's on this Pilates Practitioners wish list for the holidays!

Take care of those underdogs! It will show up in your movement and will be worth it.

Below are some helpful resources for your to check out if your body is in need of some foot love and support, and check out resources from your doctors:

Resources: (Katy Bowman also has many books to reference including on focused on the feet)

Be well. Be kind. Stay connected to your whole body.

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