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Your Pre/Postnatal Reference Library

All my birthing womxn out there!!! This is for you! Also, for other movement professionals. I want you to be able to kick ass in life after birthing babies but it is critical for you to recruit professionals that can support that goal. ie: Quality midwives and OBs, Internal Pts (Pelvic Floor specialists), and a knowledgable Pilates teacher (me). I'm all about functional abs, being able to pick up my 50+lb kid, and be able to dance and run after my little one, list heavy boxes after Costco trips, and garden til my heart is full with NO back pain or concerns. And, I want you to be able to as well. Let's take a deep, functional belly breath and let's do this together.

Here are some blog posts I've written on this passionate subject:

I wrote these two blog posts to give Mama's a weekly outline of what functional healing programing could look like. I used both of these after the births of both my babies. It works.

Heal those abs before planking, running, taking a cardio Pilates jumpboard class, and curl ups!!

Great Postpartum movement practice - it really makes a TON of people happy

Here are some books for my anatomy nerds and those who want to advocate for themselves with a strong voice + for fellow teachers that need some study material:

Penny Simpkins Book on Pregnancy

Katy Bowman's Book on DR

The Female Pelvis

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