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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It's here! My first Pilates baby!! I posted these videos in the Spring of 2020 and this blog post has rested here in drafts for so long.... Here is some guidance how to use the videos on my YouTube channel.

Mama Core Protocol

By Emily O’Dea

Spring 2020

5 Mindful Movement Practices for Our Special Mama Core

I’ve designed this with a busy mama schedule in mind. Dedicate yourself to 10-15 minutes on the floor or on your mat for a month and see what transformations and shifts you feel. This can be done most days of the week. I have designed 5 practices that you can rotate throughout your days.

On top of the protocols I’ve included for you ambitious souls weekly add-ons. These add-ons can culminate as you go, so by week four you will have 4 more self care tools to implement in your daily life. Be kind to yourself though! We are looking for practice not perfection.

Let me know how it goes!! I’m here for you!


  • Breath is core work

  • Relaxation is critical to healing

  • Your core is larger concept than just your 6 pack!

The week routine:

  • Mondays are designed with a gentle yoga practice in mind.

  • Tuesdays are designed with Pilates in mind.

  • Wednesday we will head back to the yoga world.

  • Thursdays we return to Pilates.

  • Friday is a release. Important for a balanced body and balanced mind.

*You might notice though a lot of the principles from yoga and Pilates intersect.

Stay Tuned for Pregnancy Protocols in the near future.


Mat, Foam roller, block,

Monday: Gentle, deep Yoga Practice

Home practice from Daily Core Workshop

To find video here.

Pilates: Pilates *

Everybody’s Neck and Shoulder Release, and Core work with a foam roller

Wednesday: Side Lying

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Release, let go, and Unwind

*This one seems to be magic for folks. For breastfeeding mamas it’s an instant release. For mamas with pelvic floor dysfunction concerns the sneaky core and focuses on the breath pulls everything back to center.


Week 1: fit in a 2 minute restorative pose such as Legs Up the Wall

Week 2: practice daily gratitude. I enjoy keeping a daily gratitude journal. I write down at least one thing I’m grateful for that day. It’s also a treasure of memories I can thumb through.

Week 3: Setting an intention for your day. Take a pause in the morning, and set an intention for your day, or even week, or weekend. The mind is powerful.

Week 4: Food. I highly recommend the Everyday Ayurveda cookbook. You might play with that, or there are tons of resources out there to curb some of our bad habits. I aim for reducing or eliminating the processed sugars, alcohol and caffeine as things I need to reign in if I get out of sink with myself.


Take your sweet ass time to movement. If you just had a baby, congrats, drink it up and be pampered! Read the book First 40 Days. The standard “rule” is after your 6-week check up, or 8 weeks if you’ve had a cesarean. By no means you are normally by this check in. There are plenty of things we can do gently to alleviate aches, and pains, and discomfort from day 1. And then onward, it’s about balance in YOUR body. These movement practices are great to do, modify where needed, post 6 weeks. Of course always go with the direction of your care providers and internal Pts. This is also an opportunity for self-care, nourishing movement to allow you to heal and grow stronger throughout life. This protocol isn’t just for the new mamas; it’s for ALL mamas.

With lots of love,


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