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8 Tips to Help Your Meditation Practice

I absolutely know that meditation can be very difficult for some, and I understand life happens and it's a practice that can start to feel like a chore rather than a crucial piece to maintain and improve our health and wellbeing. But! It's important to keep coming back to this very important act of mindfulness. Research keeps stacking up benefits to meditation on our emotional and physical health. Here are some tips on meditation to keep it a life long practice.

  1. Where comfortable clothes - this doesn't mean you have to be in a yoga outfit, but it does mean you can absolutely be in your pjs or anything in between that isn't going to distract you.

  2. Eat a little something - have something in your belly. If you sit and your tummy is rumbling that will also distract you and pull you away from the practice.

  3. Comfortable posture - for some this does not mean sitting up right like the images we see of someone meditating, you can absolutely do your meditation practice laying down, or being on your side. I often find 2 minutes to put my legs up the wall and push play on a quick Headspace meditation.

  4. Speaking of which - it can be as short as 2-3 minutes!! Enough time to put a pause on the day.

  5. Meditation can be guided or set a timer - I work better with a guide, but others can simply put on a gentle timer and be focused.

  6. Move - some of you will need to get the wiggles, aches, or day off your body before landing in your meditation practice. General sequence favored is: Movement (yoga asana was meant to condition the body for meditation), Breath (pranayama), Savasana, meditation.

  7. Make it part of your day. A suggestion is to do it first thing in the morning or after breakfast to start the tone of the day. I find it most accessible to this mama of two, to do it after my daily shower in the evening. Technically helps make sense of the day, and prepares the mind to rest for the night.

  8. Add reminders to your phone if you find it difficult to remember when setting a routine. These reminders should be gentle to yourself and at a useful time of day. Not something to feel guilty for when you snooze the notification. I don't work well this way but it may work for you.

Be well. Be Kind.

PS: Share your practice with your littles too! Kids also benefit from mindful meditation practices. Everyone should meditate. Imagine the world if everyone took a moment. xoxo

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