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Benefits of Yoga

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

In case you needed a reminder, or two, or 50. :) Here are 50 and then some.

  1. increases flexibility

  2. strengthens muscles

  3. improves balance

  4. improves immune function

  5. improves postures

  6. improves lung function

  7. leads to slower and deeper breathing

  8. discourages mouth breathing

  9. increases oxygenations of tissues

  10. improves joint health

  11. nourishes intervertebral disks

  12. improves return of venous blood

  13. increases circulation of lymph

  14. improves function of feet

  15. improves proprioception

  16. increases control of bodily functions

  17. strengthen bones

  18. conditions the cardiovascular system

  19. promotes weight loss

  20. relaxes the nervous system

  21. improves function of the nervous system

  22. improves brain function

  23. activates the left prefrontal cortex

  24. changes neurotransmitter levels

  25. lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol

  26. lowers blood sugar

  27. lowers blood pressure

  28. improves levels of cholesterol and triglycerides

  29. thins blood

  30. improves bowl function

  31. releases unconscious muscular gripping

  32. uses imagery to effect the change in the body

  33. receives pain

  34. lowers need for medication

  35. fosters healing relationships

  36. improves psychological health

  37. leads to healthier habits

  38. fosters spiritual growth

  39. elicits the placebo effect

  40. encourages involvement in your own health

  41. improves balance

  42. improves posture

  43. improves symptoms of menopause

  44. body awareness

  45. community

  46. improves sleep

  47. for all ages

  48. improves digestion

  49. reduces stress

  50. improved energy and vitality

I can think of a few more, can you?

Please share.

Be well. Be kind.


Breath by James Nestor

The Science of Yoga

Yoga as Medicine The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing by Timothy McCall, MD (Majority of the list above is from this book on page 30)

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